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Current Focus

Projects & Initiatives

Onchain Passkey Auth

Merging web2 & web3 auth

  • Onchain passkey authentication (e.g. r1 curve validation)
    • 4337 / 6900 compliant validator
    • Developer SDKs for use of passkeys onchain
    • Passkey standard inclusion of crypto usecases

Smart Accounts

The next iteration of internet accounts

  • Account Abstraction (4337)
    • Part of an initiative to open source developer and product feedback on 4337 to improve devX and UX of smart accounts
  • Modular Accounts (6900)
    • Developing modules & providing feedback on the implementation of the 6900 standard
    • Researching registries & the widespread implications of modular accounts

Web3 Security Research

Independent auditor & community teacher

  • Smart Contract Auditing
    • I primarily audit pro-bono given my capacity. Open source projects are prioritized.
  • Live Capture the Flag (CTF) Hacks
    • In these sessions, I select a CTF and hack it in real time while sharing my screen. Community members contribute and ask questions as I identify the vulnerability, implement the hack PoC, and write tests.
  • Unofficial Secureum Bootcamp
    • Over the course of ~3 months, I hosted weekly office hours reviewing the secureum bootcamp quizes. I would answer questions as we went through the quiz in real time and provided supplementary questions to further the groups understanding